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In keeping with the goal of this web site to facilitate communication among members of our community, we have compiled information on a number of common areas of inquiry.

Question #1 When was our complex built?
Question #2 How far back can we trace the history of this area?


Question #1 Where can my child rollerblade?
Question #2 What activities are offered for children in the Yorba Linda area?

Our Children

Question #1 Does my dog really have to be on a leash?
Question #2 Should I be concerned about coyotes?


Question #1 How are fire ants different from regular ants?
Question #2 What attracts rodents to my yard?


Question #1 How do I get proof of Association insurance for my mortgage company?
Question #2 Who is the Association's insurance agent?


Question #1 Who is our Property Manager?
Question #2 How do I file a repair request?

Management Company

Question #1 Why didn't the Association repaint my patio cover?
Question #2 Am I responsible if the gas line under my patio leaks?

Who's Responsible?

Question #1 How do I get rid of an old mattress?
Question #2 What is considered "hazardous waste"?

Trash Collection

Question #1 Can I have my own garage sale?
Question #2 Is there a Community-wide Garage Sale?

Garage/ Yard Sales

Question #1 What are the rules about signs?
Question #2 How big a sign can I use?


Question #1 Do I have to register if I rent out my unit?
Question #2 Can I still use the pool if my unit is leased?

Renting/ Leasing

Question #1 What can I do if my neighbor blares his TV?
Question #2 Can people run a business out of their unit?

Being a Good Neighbor

Question #1 What police department protects our area?
Question #2 Can I get extra protection for my unit while I am on vacation?

Police/ Fire

Question #1 I an new to the area. How do I get acquainted?
Question #2 What committees are active?

Getting Involved

Question #1 How can I get copies of the forms mentioned in the Homeowners Handbook?
Question #2 Is there a general form for submitting my ideas?

Forms to Download

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