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Getting Involved

A great way to get acquainted in your community is to volunteer.

Rancho Dominguez Townhomes is a pleasant, beautiful and safe place in which to live. We are always seeking to improve our community in every way we can. You are invited to participate. Discover the fun and satisfaction of being involved!

Committees meet to research problems/issues, then offer recommendations to the Board of Directions. Committee structure and activities follow the RDTA Committee Policy Guidelines (updated 11/19/14).

Architectural Committee:
Chair: John Ingstad
Board Liaison: Mark Schwing

  1. Research unit exterior appearance upgrades/maintenance options
  2. Review and process architectural change applications

Landscape Committee:
Chair: Larry Powell
Board Liaison: Larry Powell

  1. Research options to update our trees, plants, shrubs and irrigation system to guide future replacements
  2. Research ways to reduce water usage

Parking Committee:
Chair: Rachel Chavez
Board Liaison: John Ingstad

  1. Review and process parking permit applications
  2. Research options for improving parking reglulations

Recreational Area Committee:
Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: TBD

  1. Recommend options to ensure safe use of pools, tennis courts and tot lot for all
  2. Support appropriate monitoring options
  3. Support cardkey monitoring

Website Committee:
Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: John Ingstad

  1. Verify accuracy of current content
  2. Research appropriate additional content

If you are interested in being a part a Committee, register with the RDTA On-site Liaison at (714) 779-2084 or e-mail

Related BY-LAWS . . .



Section 1. The Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee as required by Article VIII of these By-Laws.

Section 2. In addition, the Board shall appoint such other committees as it deems appropriate in carrying out the purposes of the Association, which may include:

(a) An Architectural Control Committee in accordance with Article VII of the Declaration;

(b) A Recreational Committee which shall advise the Board of all matters pertaining to the recreational program and activities of the Association and shall perform such other functions as the Board in its discretion determines;

(c) A Maintenance Committee which shall advise the Board on all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair or improvement of the Recreation Area and Common Area within Rancho Dominguez Townhomes and shall perform such other functions as the Board in its discretion determines;

(d) A Publicity Committee which shall inform the Members of all activities and functions of the Association, and shall, after consulting with the Board, make such public releases and announcements as are in the best interests of the Association; and

(e) A Finance Committee which shall supervise the annual audit of the Association's books and approve the annual budget and statement of income and expenditures to be presented to the membership at its annual meeting, as provided in these By-Laws. The Treasurer shall be an ex officio member of the Finance Committee.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of each committee to receive complaints from Members on any matter involving Association functions and duties within its field of responsibility. It shall dispose of such complaints as it deems appropriate or refer them to such other committee, director or officer of the Association as is further concerned with the matters presented.

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