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There are Parking Policies and Rules within the RDTA community.

Parking of your vehicles should be confined to your garage or public parking areas on public streets (Ramona Road and Dominguez Ranch Road). Marked parking stalls on complex streets are only for guests' vehicles with safelist or residents' vehicles with special Resident Parking Permit.

Overnight guest vehicles parking in RDTA marked parking stalls must be registered with our patrol service.

The RDTA Parking Rules and Regulations are provided below. It is your responsibility to inform your guests of these rules.

Resident Parking Permit
The Association has more marked parking stalls than guests require, but not enough to permit all members to cease parking in their garages. The Association makes available resident permits for specific qualifying circumstances. For details review the Parking Procedures and Fees document linked below. Parking Permit Application has been updated.

Overnight Guest Parking
When you have overnight guests who need to park their vehicle in a RDTA guest parking stall, you need to register or "safelist" your guest's vehicle information with our parking patrol service, OC Patrol, by phoning (800) 525-1626 or registering online at There is a limit of seven dates within a 30 day period for each license number.

If you have a special temporary or on-going parking need, contact the RDTA Parking Committee at

The Association has a tow-away policy for vehicles parked in fire lanes and unauthorized areas. Illegal parking may cause delay of emergency vehicles - fire, police or medical - that could be disastrous to residents. In addition, if your street is blocked there will be no trash collection that week. We particularly stress the importance of not blocking the entrance to your neighbor's garage.

Vehicles for other violations are subject to towing on the fourth citation.

RDTA has contracted with a parking patrol service, OC Patrol, that monitors compliance with our Parking Rules. If your vehicle has been towed, you may learn of its location by calling the Orange County Sheriff's Department non-emergency number (714) 647-7000.

If you have a parking-related question or concern, contact the RDTA Parking Committee at Do NOT call the patrol service directly. The vendor only takes direction from the RDTA Board.


RDTA Parking Rules as of November 15, 2017
RDTA Parking Procedures and Fees as of November 15, 2017
RDTA Parking Permit Application Revised November 15, 2017
RDTA Parking Permit Application Processing Steps

Related CC&Rs . . .


General Restrictions

Section 7. When Garages are not in use, Garage doors shall be closed. Garages shall be used only for the purpose of parking automobiles and other vehicles and equipment and storing an Owner's household goods; provided, however, that all such uses shall be accomplished so that Garage doors can be closed. No open carport, if any, shall be used for the storage of any item other than an automobile. Owners shall park in their Garages and not, without Board approval, in parking spaces provided for quests.

Section 8. No mobile home, boat, truck, trailer, recreational vehicle of any kind or similar equipment shall be kept, stored, parked (other than temporarily), maintained, constructed or repaired, on any property within Rancho Dominguez Townhomes in such a manner as to be visible from any neighboring property; provided, however, that the provisions of this Section shall not apply to emergency vehicle repairs. Temporary parking shall mean parking of vehicles belonging to guests of Owners, delivery trucks, service vehicles and other commercial vehicles being used in the furnishing of services to the Association or the Owners and parking of vehicles belonging to or being used by Owners for loading or unloading purposes.


Duties and Powers of the Association

Section 1. General. In addition to the duties and powers enumerated in its Articles and By-Laws, or elsewhere provided for herein, and without limiting the generalities thereof, the Association shall:

(a) Own, lease, maintain, control and otherwise manage, or cause to be managed, in a neat, safe, attractive, sanitary and orderly condition, the Recreation Area (including, without limitation, any tennis courts, clubhouse, pools, playground equipment and cabanas), the Common Area (and any recreational areas tot lots, private streets and driveways, and all improvements, and facilities therein not otherwise specifically provided for in the Declaration) of each project within Rancho Dominguez Townhomes, with respect to the Recreation Area, all facilities, improvements, walls, fencing, buildings, fire hydrants, utility facilities, parking areas, drainage courses and facilities and landscaping thereon and thereunder, including (subject to the provisions of the Article hereof entitled "Destruction of Improvements") the reconstruction, repair or replacement thereof when necessary or appropriate, the exterior of all Condominium Buildings as further provided in subsection (i) herein below and all other real or personal property acquired by the Association.

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