Guidelines - RDTA

Whether you are a longtime resident or new to condominium living,
it is important that you understand the various forms of regulations
that govern our planned community.

Rancho Dominguez Townhomes is a private community and each of the 206 homeowners is a member of the Rancho Dominguez Townhomes Association (RDTA). We each are involved in not only private ownership of our own units but in an equally shared ownership of common grounds, greenbelts, pool area, tennis courts and private streets. In a community of approximately 500 citizens, it becomes necessary to establish organized guidelines for the use and maintenance of our complex in a manner that will be a pleasure and benefit to each of us - both in providing a pleasant home atmosphere and to maintain property values.

The links to documents have been transferred to the Secure section of our website. RDTA owners and tenants are provided the login and password to the Secure section in the monthly newsletter.

The documents provided in the Secure section include:

  • RDTA CC&Rs - Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions established at the time of formation of our complex to establish legal definitions and responsibilities
  • RDTA By-laws - established at the time of formation of our complex to establish how the association is to be governed
  • RDTA Rules and Regulations
  • Articles of Incorporation - that established the legal entity and include the purposes and powers
  • Davis-Stirling Act is a State of California law that protects condominium owners' rights.
  • Responsibility Matrix was prepared by an attorney based on RDTA CC&Rs and other governing documents to indicate if a maintenance or repair matter is the responsibility of the owner or RDTA.

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