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Maintaining quality appearance and functioning
of our RDTA complex requires constant activity.

The RDTA Board must juggle priorities and available funding to implement the multitude of projects necessary. Check the list below to see if a need you have identified is on the schedule. If not, contact the Property Management Company (714) 220-5920 and ask to have your concern added to the agenda for the next Board meeting. Also, if you have a repair or maintenance request, Property Management Company (714) 220-5920.

In-Process Projects

CC&Rs Upgrade
Our association and community activities are governed by the RDTA CC&Rs and By-Laws. The Board has contracted for these to be reviewed for needed updates and revisions: For example:

  • Some of regulations are outdated. When the complex was first developed by Broadmoor Homes, the legal documents had to protect builder interests.
  • Some regulations can no longer be enforced. In recent years the State of California Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act was passed to protect the rights of condo owners. This law supercedes an association's CC&Rs and By-Laws when in conflict.
  • Some regulations lack clarity, and make it difficult to assign responsibility. The CC&Rs were developed from a "boiler plate" document, and many sections are not appropriate for our complex.
Once completed, the draft of the revised CC&Rs would be presented to the Association members for approval. Two-thirds of the owners would need to approve for the changed document to become official. Once approved, the documents are filed with the County of Orange.

Landscaping Upgrades
Now that the building exterior refurbishing is completed, the complex landscaping refurbishing can progress as cash flow allows for these major expenses. Some projects in the planning stages include an irrigation audit to look for ways to conserve water, starting to design new foundation plantings, selecting shrubs to camouflage public utility boxes around the complex, upgrading entrances to complex and recreation areas, and designing a few tree groves.

A Forestry Management Plan was completed in early 2005. This will guide the Board as pruning, removal and replacement priorities are set for our over 700 trees. If you are concerned about a tree near your unit, please contact the on-site liaison at (714) 779-2084 or

Termite Control
The Board has contacted with Dewey Pest Control to inspect and treat termite infestations of buildings located within the complex - inside and out. This service continues throughout the year. If you notice any suspected termite activity, call Dewey at (714) 750-1051 to schedule your inspection appointment.

Future Projects

Exterior Lighting
Research is underway to find a more energy efficient and lower operating cost option for providing exterior lighting throughout the complex. This would be to replace the current globe pole lights.

Roof Tile Repairs
The tiles used on our unit roofs are no longer available for replacement. As we need new tiles for repairs, we need to "harvest" from units. The roofs where tiles are removed are retiled with very similar looking replacement tiles.

Slurry Coats on Private Streets
Every three to five years the private streets need to have a new sealing slurry coat applied.

Completed Projects

Pool Furniture (2013)
Beautiful pool furniture was purchased for the pool area.

Pool and Tennis Access Gate Locks (2012)
The lock system technology for access gates into the pool and tennis areas was outdated and was replaced. The locks on the two rest rooms at the pool area are newer, and did not need to be replaced.

On March 12, 2012 the new system was installed and the old cardkeys no longer work. If they have not done so already, owners need to schedule an appointment with the on-site liaison by calling (714) 779-2084. The process for picking up a new cardkey requires the owner (or adult representative of owner with note of authorization) to show photo ID and the old cardkey registered for that unit, receive the new cardkey, and sign a document verifying that the new cardkey was received.

Exterior Wood Repairs (2012)
In 2011 there was a survey to identify wood on building exteriors that needs to be repaired or replaced. In 2012 PrimeCo Painting & Contruction did the wood repairs and replacement.

Exterior Wood Trim Painting (2012)
The PrimeCo contract also painted building exterior wood trim, after the wood repairs were completed.

Parking/ Fire Lane Signs (2012)
There are government regulations about what wording must be on parking and fire lane signs, plus where and how they are installed. In the past RDTA had parking and fire lane signs at the entrances to each of the private RDTA streets. They were very old, in poor condition, and out of compliance. A two-year project got approval for removal of the 17 old signs. They were replaced by one combined parking/ fire lane sign at each of the two entrances to RDTA (the north and south ends of Ramona Road). The City of Yorba Linda invited us to post the signs on a city light pole (which is amazing).

Everyone needs to understand that the parking rules remain the same. All private RDTA streets continue to be fire lanes (including in front of garage doors). Parking on RDTA streets is only allowed in marked parking stalls.

In early 2013 the two signs were updated to reflect the change to Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Streets (2012)
Periodically the private streets within the complex need work. This time the various streets had major repairs of the asphalt, followed by the slurry coat. The curbs were repainted for the red fire lane requirement.

Playground Equipment (2009)
There is a Tot Lot or playground area for young children between the pool area and the tennis courts area. The old rusty play equipment was removed and new equipment insalled. The new equipment includes slides, rings, climbing options. There is a separate tetherball set for older youngsters.

Wrought Iron (2009)
All wrought iron railings throughout the complex were painted, including fencing in the pool area.

Mailboxes (2008)
The mailboxes throughout the complex were replaced and new mailbox keys distrbuted.

Landscaping Inside Low Front Walls (2008)
One of the first projects toward total refurbishment of the complex landscaping was replacing the plants inside of the low front walls in front of the one-story end units and the two-bedroom two-story units. This projects included adjusting the irrigation system and treating the soil.

Roof Tile Repairs (2008)
A survey was done early in 2008 to document the extent of unit roof tiles that needed to be repaired or replaced. In the Fall of 2008 Hoit Roofing worked on unit roofs to make sure all roofs are in good shape. As the roof tile originally used is no longer available, tiles were "harvested" (removed) from a few units and used for the replacements. The units where tiles were removed were re-roofed with a model of tile that looks the same on top, but has a different interlocking pattern underneath.

Tall Chimneys (2008)
There is a one-story unit model that has a very tall chimney. During the earthquake of July 2008, many of these chimneys moved. However, the interior ceiling drywall did not move, so cracked. Hoit Roofing removed the tiles around the exterior base of each chimney to inspect the base of the chimney and did any repairs needed. An additional strap was added to attach the tall chimney to the neighboring unit. When these repairs were completed, the interior ceiling drywall was repaired.

Sprinkler Head Replacement (2007/2008)
The irrigation system sprinkler heads were replaced with adjustable models, and some heads relocated. This allows water to be kept from spraying on the stucco building exteriors.

Pool Refurbishment (2007)
Cracks in the decking in the pool area were repaired in May 2005. The re-plastering of the large swimming pool, replacement of the coping along the edges of the large pool, and replacement of the decking in the pool area were completed in Summer of 2007.

Irrigation System Controllers (2007)
All of the controllers that monitor the landscape irrigation system have been replaced with more modern models.

Homeowners' Handbook (2006)
The RDTA Homeowner Handbook 2006 was been updated and one copy provided to each owner (resident and absentee) and to each tenant. Handbook includes full RDTA Rules & Regulations as of August 2006.

Address Plaques (2006)
Address plaques with both street number and street name were installed over the garage doors and at the front entry area of each unit.

Repair of Wood Trim and Stucco (2005/2006)
As part of the building exterior refurbishing, all wood and stucco damage was repaired.

Painting of Unit Exteriors (2005/2006)
As part of the building exterior refurbishing, all units exteriors were painted. There are five color schemes (using three color families - grey green, beige and taupe).

Pool and Tennis Access Gate Locks (2005)
The ancient system controlling the cardkeys allowing residents access to the pool area and tennis courts needs replacement parts that are no longer available. A modern, computerized system was installed. Holders of cardkeys were required to have their cardkeys "swiped" into the new computer.

New Guest Parking Permits (2004)
Larger, easier to read placards are provided to each unit at no charge. Old permits expired 12/31/03. Those owners who have not yet picked up their new permit can call on-site liaison at (714) 779-2084 to schedule an appointment to pick up a permit. Note: Old permits were maroon and white. New permits are white with blue lettering. The Guest Parking Permit hang tags are hung on rearview mirrors of your overnight guests' vehicles when they park in our guest parking stalls. Vehicles belonging to owners or residents may NOT legally use Guest Parking Permits. Check Parking Rules for guests of more than a brief stay.

Rain Gutters (2004)
Rain gutters were installed on the street side of two-story end units to eliminate damage from unit roof rain runoff onto the narrow garage roofs beneath. Prior to gutter installation all wood repairs were completed and eaves and fascia boards were painted white.

Wood Trellis at Pool Area (2004)
The wood beams over the picnic table area at the pool area were replaced with wood treated to resist termite infestation.

Utility Meter Cabinet Doors (2004)
Galvanized steel doors and frames were fabricated and installed to replace the 152 wooden utility meter cabinet doors throughout our complex which were in poor shape due to termite and dry rot damage.

Painting Garage Eaves and Fascia (2004)
After the garages were re-roofed, the wood along the edges of the roof (fascia) and the eaves were painted white. The black address numbers received a fresh coat of black paint.

Garage Roofs (2003)
Garage roofs throughout the complex were re-roofed. A new vent was added in the center of each roof.

Replacement of Sliding Gate (2003)
The sliding metal gate at the southwest corner of the complex (bordering a neighboring HOA complex) was replaced with a solid slump stone and wrought iron wall, extending the current wall design.

Pool Equipment Building (2003)
The pool equipment building underwent significant work to extend the roof, plus replace termite and dry rot wood damage, as the roof was replaced with tiles matching the units in the complex.

Wrought Iron Repairs (2003)
The wrought iron fences and railings throughout the complex were inspected. Needed repairs and replacements related to residential units have been completed.

Slurry Seal Coating of Blacktop Streets (2002)
A seal coat is added to asphalt street surfaces to replace the fine grain of the asphalt. Normally this is needed every four to seven years to prolong the life of the asphalt.

Sidewalks (2002)
All sidewalks within the complex have been inspected by an expert. The Board prioritized the problems, and schedules the repairs in phases. In late 2002 a significant number of sites throughout the complex were fixed. If you have a sidewalk problem near your unit, you can report to the Service Request Coordinator at (714) 779-2084 or

Common Area Fences (2002)
Several units have low fences in front of the unit in the Common Area. Numerous end units have fences between the patio and Common Area. The original wood fences in these areas were replaced with cinder block walls coated with stucco.

New Resident Parking Permit Rules (2002)
Parking Rules and Regulations for residents were revised. Marked parking slots are designated for guests. Residents are to park in the unit garages or on the public streets (Ramona and Dominguez Ranch Road). Resident Parking Permits are available for special circumstances, such as more than two vehicles or an oversized vehicle that will not fit in the garage. If you feel you may quality, you can download a form from the Forms page.

Wading Pool (2002)
The shallow children's pool was replastered.

Tennis Court Resurfacing (2002)
The Recreation Area tennis courts have been resurfaced. It is important that everyone entering the court area wear appropriate footgear (tennis shoes), so as not to damage the surface.

Roof Replacement (2000)
The shake roofs on units were replaced with roof tiles. Also replaced dry rot and termite damaged sub-sheathing and fascia lumber. Unit roof work is completed. There is a lifetime warranty on the roof tiles. Workmanship and materials (other than tiles) has a ten year warranty from date of final acceptance. All identified damaged tiles have been repaired. If you note what appears to be a cracked or chipped tile, please contact the Service Request Line (714) 779-2084 or and report exact location.

Wood Trim Painting (2000)
All exterior wood trim and fascia was repainted in 2000. Some color changes were made. The next painting is scheduled for 2006 (see Future Projects).

Stucco in Front Door Area (2000)
Some units had the color coat of the stucco flaked off in areas near the front doors. This was repaired by the painting contractor.

New Homeowners Handbook (2000)
The RDTA Homeowner Handbook was been updated and one copy mailed to each owner (resident and absentee) and to each tenant. Several items within the Rules and Regulations were revised.

Pool Equipment (1999)
A new pool heater and main pump were installed with extensive re-piping within the equipment area to aid future maintenance. A new pump and filter were installed for the wading pool to comply with a three-year old state law.

Pool and Tennis Court Card Keys (1999)
Each unit owner received a new magnetic key card to use to gain access to the Pool area and the Tennis Court area. If the owner does not reside in the unit, the use of the key card can be assigned to the resident or the owner, but not both. Note that a computer records each use of a key card.

Street Repairs (1996)
The RDTA private streets got an overlay with Petromat and two inches of asphalt.

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