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2017 Board Election Results
There were two candidates for two Board positions for the RDTA Board of Directors term March 2017 through February 2019 -- John Ingstad and Larry Powell. The official March 13, 2017 RDTA election results voted in John Ingstad and Larry Powell.

Security Alert for Vehicles Parked on Ramona Road
Reminder to be sure to lock your vehicles parked on the street during this holiday season, and keep valuables out of sight. Opportunistic thefts are happening. Don't be a victim.

2016 Election Results
The RDTA 2016 Annual Meeting was Wednesday, March 16. The ballots were counted and the results were Mark Schwing - 97 votes; Amanda Mendez - 68; Bob Dawson - 3; Sonia Jensen - 1. There were three Board positions open, so Mark, Amanda and Bob were elected.

Water Conservation
The Yorba Linda Water District reminds us that we remain in Stage 3 of Water Conservation. The Spring Watering Schedule for April 1 through October 31, 2016 is
• odd numbered addresses can irrigate Mondays and Fridays
• even numbered addresses can irrigate Tuesdays and Saturdays
Watering is prohibited between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm any day. No washing down hard or paved surfaces. When washing your vehicle, If you use a hose, it must have an automatic shut-off water nozzle or device.

Notice to RDTA Residents
The Association is very happy to report that we were able to get the escrow closed for the sale of 5841 Via Romero. Please note that the Dues for the upcoming fiscal year are now only $283.00 per month. If you paid Dues of $295 for March, the additional $12.00 will show as a credit on your account. A complete account of the transaction will be made within the next 60 days. The Board thanks you for you positive support in this matter and helping the Association close the escrow in a timely fashion. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Jan Standish
Golden West Property Management Company

Who To Call Guidelines
Who To Call – In case of an Emergency

  • In case of fire, medical or intruder emergency, immediately call 911. Get appropriate emergency services on their way to respond. If any RDTA property is involved, next call Golden West Property Management (714-220-5920). Know that GWPM has a property manager on call 24/7 to address an emergency.
  • In case of a threat to RDTA property or residents (such as running water or a tree about to fall), your first call is to Golden West Property Management (714-220-5920).
Who To Call – In case of a Non-emergency
  • Contact Golden West Property Management (714-220-5920 info@gwpm.com about:
    Billing matters
    Repair/maintenance matters
    Requests to use Common Area
    Report vandalism
    Report active bee/wasp nests
    Messages to be forwarded to RDTA Board members (complaints/concerns)
    [note that messages to Board need to be in writing by fax, email, or mail]
    Cardkey matters
    Parking matters
    Architectural change applications
    Register to be on email notice list
    Register tenants

Expanding RDTA Website Committee
RDTA has an extensive website for sharing information about living in our community. This site was set up a decade ago. It is time for review and updates. Open invitation to join the RDTA Website Committee. We are looking for people to share their creative talents to come up with a new look, organizational talent to rearrange the site pages to be more user friendly, and technology talent to code our ideas into on-screen results. Help us make this site a more effective and exciting online communication tool for our community. If you are interested, email webmaster@rdta.org.

No Parking on Curved Corners
The safety of everyone in our community is important. Residents are reminded that there is to be NO PARKING on CURVED CORNERS. For safety there is also no parking for one car length on each side of the corner to allow visibility for vehicles leaving RDTA private streets and entering Ramona Road to see oncoming vehicles.

Termite Inspection & Treatment
RDTA has a policy that covers inspection and treatment for termites both inside and outside of buildings. Board has authorized owners and tenants to contact the current vendor directly to schedule an inspection appointment. Currently, this vendor is Dewey Pest Control at (714) 750-1051. So, if you see any signs of termites, don’t hesitate. Call immediately.

Police Service for YL Changed
If you keep the non-emergency number for the local police near your phone, this needs to be changed. As of January 5, 2013, police enforcement for the City of Yorba Linda changed from Brea Police Department to the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Emergency remains 911
Non-emergency number is now (714) 647-7000.

For further details reference our Police/Fire Services page.

RDTA Project Calendar
The Board is sharing the RDTA Schedule of Contracts and Events for those interested.

Reminder of No Smoking Rule
As of April 21, 2011 there is a new rule in the RDTA Rules & Regulations that prohibits smoking anywhere on the RDTA Common Area.
Smoking is prohibited in or on all common areas (including the pool area, the tot lot, tennis courts and all outdoor common areas). For the purpose of this rule, the term "Smoking" means smoking of any kind (including, without limitation, cigarettes, cigars, or pipes).

Customization Rule Passed
The proposed rule change and licensing agreement that is the core of the new customization rule allows certain model units to have option to request landscape changes in Common Area. The rule and the procedures have been finalized.

The models that qualify for this customization option are:
* The one story end unit model Modjeska Plan 2A
* The two story, two bedroom unit model Silverado Plan 1
* The one story tall chimney unit Modjeska Plan 2B.

For details visit Customization page.

Responsibility Matrix
Wondering if a maintenance or repair matter is your responsibility or RDTA's? Check out the Responsibility Matrix prepared by the attorney based on RDTA CC&Rs and other governing documents. Click here to see chart.

Dogs on Leash
The City of Yorba Linda and RDTA have strict regulations that your dogs must be on a leash at all times outside of your residence. It is important that there are no exceptions. This is for the protection of our residents AND protection of the pets.

RDTA Committees Need You!
There are RDTA committees who do research to support the Board in saving money and enhancing the qualify of life in our community. In these challenging economic times your help is needed more than ever.

Please consider donating a few hours a month on one of the following committees.
* Architectural Committee
* Landscape Committee
* Parking Committee
* Recreational Area Committee
* Website Committee
Click here to learn more about what each committee does. To volunteer call (714) 779-2084.

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