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RDTA Annual Meeting & Election, February Board Meeting
The RDTA Annual Meeting and Election is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21 at Travis Ranch Community Center starting at 6:45pm. This will be followed by the February Board Meeting. Agenda available online.

Please let this serve as a friendly reminder to RDTA owners to mail in your ballot for the February 21, 2018, Annual Election. The meeting will be held at 7:00PM at the Travis Ranch Activity Center. There will be a drawing for a $250.00 gift card for one lucky homeowner. In order for your name to be placed in the drawing, you must return your ballot to GWPM. Please note, you must sign the exterior mailing envelope in order to qualify for the gift card and your ballot to be counted. Thank you.

Via Portola Landscape Plans
Owners are encouraged to give feedback to the RDTA Board and RDTA Landscape Committee on the current plans for upgrading the landscape along Via Portola. For details about these current VIA PORTOLA landscape plans, visit our Landscape Plans page.

Important Notices for Building Painting
The exteriors of all RDTA buildings will be repainted by 1st Street Painting. This major project began mid-May. Completion is estimated to be in September or October (as weather allows).

Finding more wood damage then anticipated, the Board has put the painting on hold for now and is focusing on wood repairs.

While you do not have choice about the stucco and trim color for your building, you do have choice about the exterior color of your front entry door and choice about the exterior color of your pedestrian door and/or door frame into your garage. The painters will duplicate existing colors unless you notify them ahead of time.

Contact 1st Street Painting at (714) 692-5508 if you wish to...
* Change color of exterior of front entry door
* Omit painting of exterior of front entry door
* Change color of exterior of pedestrian door into garage
* Change color of frame for pedestrian door into garage
* Omit painting of exterior of pedestrian door into garage

The approved colors for your building’s color scheme (including your color choices for doors) can be found at rdta.org/paintcolors.htm

There are two color boards posted at the RDTA pool area (thanks to Vista Paint). One board shows the stucco and trim colors for individual buildings. The second board shows all door color options for each building.

Before the work begins on your building...
* Cut back plants along the stucco walls inside of your patio at least 8 to 12 inches, so the painters have access to the walls
* Plan ahead to be ready to remove small personal items from your patio area while work is done on your building
* Plan ahead for how you will protect larger items (such getting covers for patio furniture) in your patio area while work is done on your building
* Plan ahead for how you will keep your pets out of your patio area while work is done on your building

Watch for the notices posted for your unit alerting you when your unit exterior will be power washed. Be sure your windows and doors are closed on that day. If you are not secure about the seal for your doors and windows, take measures to keep water from entering your unit on power wash day.

Note: First six buildings were power washed one at a time. Starting after this, power washing AND THE WOOD PREPPING will be done in groups of six buildings. This will allow for any wood damage uncovered to be repaired PRIOR to the actual painting.

Plan ahead for those days when masking of your exterior doors block entry/exit:

Prior to spray painting the windows, screens, and slider doors on your building, they will be masked. The masking of your slider door(s) may cause inconvenience in your access to your patio area for up to three days. Consider how you will gain access to your garage on those days.

While painters do not normally mask your front entry doors, they will protect your door handle hardware with masking tape. This may make it difficult to enter or exit your entry door for one day. This masking is removed as quickly as possible and is not left in place overnight.

If the painters find that you have screen door(s) on your front entry door(s), these will be masked on the day for painting the area around that door. This masking is removed as quickly as possible and is not left in place overnight.

Owners are alerted that there are other painting options, not included in the painting project, that they can arrange directly with 1st Street Panting. Owners would be responsible to pay for these extras:
* Metal garage roll-up doors $125
* Security screen doors $145
* Patio covers $2.50/sq ft for stop prime one coat; $3.50/sq ft for spot prime two coats
* Garden windows custom pricing

Using the map at rdta.org/rdtamap.htm - the painting work will unfold in the following sequence:
Buildings 13, 14 on Via Arnaz
Buildings 18, 17, 16, 15 on Via Santiago
Buildings 1, 2, 3 on Via Inez
Buildings 4, 5, 6 on Via Portola
Additional buildings will be posted, as available.
Note: First six buildings were power washed one at a time. Starting after this, power washing AND THE WOOD PREPPING will be done in groups of six buildings. This will allow for any wood damage uncovered to be repaired PRIOR to the actual painting.

Any needed roof tile repairs/replacement needed will be done after the entire painting project is finished.

Who To Call Guidelines
Who To Call – In case of an Emergency

  • In case of fire, medical or intruder emergency, immediately call 911. Get appropriate emergency services on their way to respond. If any RDTA property is involved, next call Golden West Property Management (714-220-5920). Know that GWPM has a property manager on call 24/7 to address an emergency.
  • In case of a threat to RDTA property or residents (such as running water or a tree about to fall), your first call is to Golden West Property Management (714-220-5920).
Who To Call – In case of a Non-emergency
  • Contact Golden West Property Management (714-220-5920 info@gwpm.com about:
    Billing matters
    Repair/maintenance matters
    Requests to use Common Area
    Report vandalism
    Report active bee/wasp nests
    Messages to be forwarded to RDTA Board members (complaints/concerns)
    [note that messages to Board need to be in writing by fax, email, or mail]
    Cardkey matters
    Parking matters
    Architectural change applications
    Register to be on email notice list
    Register tenants

Termite Inspection & Treatment
RDTA has a policy that covers inspection and treatment for termites both inside and outside of buildings. Board has authorized owners and tenants to contact the current vendor directly to schedule an inspection appointment. Currently, this vendor is Dewey Pest Control at (714) 750-1051. So, if you see any signs of termites, don’t hesitate. Call immediately.

Police Service for YL
The Orange County Sheriff's Department non-emergency number for the City of Yorba Linda is (714) 647-7000. Emergency remains 911. For further details reference our Police/Fire Services page.

Reminder of No Smoking Rule
As of April 21, 2011 there is a rule in the RDTA Rules & Regulations that prohibits smoking anywhere on the RDTA Common Area.
Smoking is prohibited in or on all common areas (including the pool area, the tot lot, tennis courts and all outdoor common areas). For the purpose of this rule, the term "Smoking" means smoking of any kind (including, without limitation, cigarettes, cigars, or pipes).

Customization Rule Passed
The proposed rule change and licensing agreement that is the core of the new customization rule allows certain model units to have option to request landscape changes in Common Area. The rule and the procedures have been finalized.

The models that qualify for this customization option are:
* The one story end unit model Modjeska Plan 2A
* The two story, two bedroom unit model Silverado Plan 1
* The one story tall chimney unit Modjeska Plan 2B.

For details visit Customization page.

Responsibility Matrix
Wondering if a maintenance or repair matter is your responsibility or RDTA's? Check out the Responsibility Matrix prepared by the attorney based on RDTA CC&Rs and other governing documents. Click here to see chart.

Dogs on Leash
The City of Yorba Linda and RDTA have strict regulations that your dogs must be on a leash at all times outside of your residence. It is important that there are no exceptions. This is for the protection of our residents AND protection of the pets.

RDTA Committees Need You!
There are RDTA committees who do research to support the Board in saving money and enhancing the qualify of life in our community. In these challenging economic times your help is needed more than ever.

Please consider donating a few hours a month on one of the following committees.
* Architectural Committee
* Landscape Committee
* Parking Committee
* Recreational Area Committee
* Website Committee
Click here to learn more about what each committee does. To volunteer call (714) 779-2084.

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